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A guide to car mirrors' replacement

Exterior mirrors expand the driver's field of vision and have a significant impact on the safety of all road users. Damage to the mirrors can occur as a result of accidents or vandalism, among other things.

Depending on the type of damage, you must decide as to whether the exterior mirror can be repaired with a new mirror glass, for example, or whether it has to be replaced as a whole.

If the latter is the case, it must be ensured that the new mirror fulfills all the functions of the old mirror. Depending on the equipment variant, this can be, for example, a heating function, automatic dimming or a blind spot warning.

You can find out more about car mirror replacement and the costs involved in the following guide!

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Mirrors terminology and definitions

Side mirror parts

Your car's side mirror actually has multiple components. The mirror glass is the surface that you see while looking at the side view mirror. It's typically made of shatter-resistant material. The mirror base is what attaches the mirror glass to your vehicle. The cover helps protect the side view mirror from the elements and can also enhance its appearance. The turn signal may be integrated into the side view mirror. On some vehicles, the side view mirror may also include features like blind spot monitoring, automatic dimming, and heating elements to prevent ice and snow buildup.

What is the best adhesive for car mirrors?

Your best option for car side mirrors is an epoxy glue that's designed specifically for use on mirrors (such as automobile silicone mirror adhesive), or any other glue or adhesive that has been tested and labeled for use on vehicle side mirrors. Silicone adhesives are wonderful alternatives since to their strength and flexibility. They're available at most home improvement stores, as well as online.

What is the proper way to set a car mirror?

Adjust the mirrors so that you can just barely see the side of your vehicle on the left side of the mirror. Lean your head about four inches to the right as you sit in the driver's seat. The mirror should be adjusted until you can only just barely see the side of your car on the left side of it. The right side of the mirror should show the lane behind you. The top of your car should be visible in the bottom corner of the mirror, and the ground should not be visible. When driving at night or if the weather is poor, you may need to readjust your mirrors.

How to change an outside mirror

In order to change the affected exterior mirror, the inner door paneling on the relevant side must first be removed. The screws and plugs can then be loosened and the mirror removed. The new exterior mirror is then fitted in the reverse order.

It is usually the case anyway that the lower part of the mirror (sometimes the entire mirror) has a uniform base coat (usually black) regardless of the paint finish of the vehicle. It is almost always enough if the mirror cap is painted. This can often also be ordered directly for the respective color and can simply be clipped on.

If you decide to buy a used mirror, it is worth looking for a model in the color of your own vehicle.

How much does a new exterior mirror cost?

The cost of changing an outside mirror can vary greatly. They are primarily dependent on the functions of the mirror and the associated replacement part prices for a change.

A new exterior mirror usually costs between $100 and $300 per piece. In exceptional cases, however, a single mirror as an original part with special functions can also cost up to $1,500.

Used parts are cheaper overall and are worthwhile, especially for cars with a low current value.

Changing an exterior mirror is usually done within 30 to 90 minutes. Based on an hourly rate of $100, labor costs of between $50 and $150 can be expected.

Good to know: If the new (or "new" used) mirror does not include a mirror cap in the vehicle color, there are also the costs of painting the cap in a paint shop.

Of course you have to get the right mirror glass first. A little creativity is required here, because the serial number and designations of the components are usually neither in the instructions for use nor in the approval. So you have to search for it yourself.

You can of course use the number on the old mirror glass as a guidance. Otherwise, expert advice can be very helpful at this point if you don't know your way around.

Final thoughts

The exterior mirrors are an important part of your vehicle. They have to work perfectly, because the automotive rules also pays particular attention to their functionality. However, a stone chip or a mechanical defect can quickly lead to the mirror glass breaking or becoming unusable. In such a case, it must be replaced immediately, which is quite expensive if done professionally. Luckily, on this website, we have collected information on how you can proceed with car mirrors' replacement by yourself.